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Since 1930, the Cincinnati Numismatic Association has been the gathering organization for coin collectors and other numismatic related specialists in the Greater Cincinnati area. Its purpose has remained the same. It fosters knowledge of numismatics and a fraternal spirit among those who pursue the study of coins, currency, tokens, medals, and exonumia.


The organization meets once a month, usually on the second Friday at 7:30 pm. Our meetings consist of numismatic talks, discussions with well-known experts, digital presentations, exhibits, and a dinner held every April.

Our Newsletter

The Cincinnati Numismatist is the club’s monthly newsletter. The publication received first place in the ANA’s competition for Outstanding Local Numismatic Publication in 2006, 2007, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.


The Cincinnati Numismatic Association has its roots in its long history but strives to serve today’s collectors’ needs.

The Cincinnati Numismatic Association was founded in August of 1930 and consisted of thirty-five members, including numismatic notables such as B. Max Mehl and Farran Zerbe. The first CNA President was Herbert A. Brand. The CNA was founded for the purpose of hosting the 1931 American Numismatic Association convention. Since then, the CNA has hosted the ANA convention three times more, in 1942, 1980, and 1988. The CNA also hosted the 1998 ANA Spring show.

The CNA employs the Tyler Davidson Fountain as its club symbol. The fountain appears on the original 1930 copper CNA medal that is pictured in the gallery below. The image used is from an intaglio engraving of the fountain by the American Banknote Company.

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